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IIM Udaipur Presents Its First Finance Symposium “Arth Samvaad 2013”

Established in July 2011, Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur is currently in its second year of  operations and riding high on the wave of successful events like the IIM Udaipur Leadership  Summit 2012. Held on 04th August 2012 at the magnificent Durbar Hall of the City Palace,  Udaipur, the event was set against the picturesque backdrop of the Lake Pichola. The event was   well-covered by the media and was also hosted live on the web.


With an endeavor to ascend new heights, Finomina – The Finance Club of IIM Udaipur is hosting   Arth-Samvaad 2013, the first Finance symposium of IIM Udaipur, which would bring together   incumbents of the financial world to dissertate on the topic  “Are Indian Businesses decoupled   from the rest of the world”.

The Indian economy is still one of the fastest growing economies in   the world even at a time when United States and most of the European economies are staring at   recession. But the growth rate has dipped in tandem with the rest of the world. So, can the   domestic consumption theory drive the Indian businesses going forward or is the decoupling theory  flawed and we cannot go back to 9% GDP growth until the rest of the world recovers.

As a part of the above, two online virtual stock and commodities trading contests will be organised.

Contest 1 – 18th to 22nd Februaury – 2013

Contest 2 – 25th Feb to 1st March – 2013

You can register yourself for the event at https://openmarkets.in/iimudaipur. The event is sponsored by YES Bank and other sponsors include Rajashtan State Mines and Minerals Limited, India, Udaipur Blog lite, Pizza Hut, KFC and Lenovo.

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