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How To Track Passport Status and RTI Status Online?

If you have applied for a Passport or filed an RTI for your Passport, you can just simply track your Passport and RTI status in just one click. Passport Applications applied in any of the Regional Passport Offices across India including Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Guwahati etc. can be checked and tracked very easily.

For tracking your Passport and RTI status, you first need to open the official website of Passport portal:


Then enter the information regarding your date of birth and 12 letter alphanumeric file number which you can find printed on the top left corner of the acknowledgement receipt and then click on the Get Passport Status button.

Similarly to check your RTI status, visit the official Passport portal website and enter the RTI Reference number which you can find on your RTI receipt and then click the track button. If the screen shows any error message, then you should check the information entered and fill them correctly.

Check RTI & Passport Status Online

Check RTI & Passport Status Online

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