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India’s 2011-12 Wheat Production Expected To Be The Best Till Date

India’s Ariculture Minister, Sharad Pawar announced on Friday that, the production of wheat in the current fiscal 2011-12 has crossed the limit of 88. 31 million tons due to the favorable conditions this year.

Sharad Pawar

Sharad Pawar

For this bumper production of wheat, the local farmers and traders are highly overwhelmed. And this year the international prices have been lower in comparison to other years. India has given the permission to export 2 million tons of wheat, but the shipments can only bear 500, 000 tons.

India’s wheat stock was about 26.7 million tons, more than the three times the official target for the quarter ending March 31, government sources say last month. India is also the world’s second largest wheat producer, harvested a record of 86. 87 million tons in 2011.

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