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Reliance Power Offers Cheapest Power in India With Sasan Power Plant

The first unit of the powerful 4000 mw Sasan Power Plant will be fired this week. This Anil Ambani promoted plant will be among one of the world’s largest mining and electricity project that aims to change the state utilities economics and will also make power available at subsequently lower rates.

Reliance Power Logo

Reliance Power Logo

Electricity generated from the Sasan plant located at Madhya Pradesh will be made available at Rs. 1.19 per unit, which is the lowest rate in India and preferably will be one-fifth of the price at which Uttar Pradesh is planning to procure on long term basis from the 6000 mw mega power project.

J.P. Chalasani, the Chief Executive of the Sasan Power Plant said that this 4000 mw power project is the largest integrated power project in the world with mines 20 million tonnes. He also said with Size and Backward Integration among the two mantras they believe, the company has implemented not one but two projects.


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