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Coal Production in India Up By 2.3% To 55.5 Million Tonnes

According to figures provided by a government sources on Monday, there has been a 2.3% increase in coal production in the country in January, but is still far behind its target by 1.7%.

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India which is world’s third largest coal producer country raised its coal output by 5.2 percent from a year to around 435.5 million tonnes in the months from April to January.

During the 10 months period from April to January, cooking coal production was just 10% standing at 41 million tonnes. The country has set a target of producing 58.08 million tonnes of raw material for producing steel and 575 million tonnes of coal in the fiscal year 2012-2013 ending in the month of March.

Coal India Limited, which is the world’s biggest coal producing miner, produced 355.3 million tonnes of coal in the 10 months duration accounting to more than 80% of the total coal output in the country.

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