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Get washed away with Pepsi’s new ad for the coming IPL season 6

Pepsi Co has recently released a new commercial for the upcoming season of IPL after acquiring Indian
Premier League’s title sponsorship for the next five years. The new IPL ad created by Ogilvy and Mather
Mumbai Advertising agency features ordinary cricket fans being washed away in the colours of their
favorite IPL game.

The main theme of this year’s Pepsi IPL ad will be – ‘Koi Nahi Bachega’ meaning no one can escape from
the IPL fever .The ad agency’s creative idea behind this ad is that it will be almost impossible to escape
from the IPL’s excitement.

The ad campaign which was first aired on television on 8th March features a player in his cricket gear
with his blue colored gushing shoes put on. It also has ordinary folks and cricket players dancing with a
small boy throwing can filled with red colour on them.

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