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India’s Mobile Services Market To Touch Rs. 120,000 Crores In 2013 – Gartner

If you are a Mobile value added services provider then this is something you really got to rejoice about as it is expected that India’s mobile services market will touch Rs. 1.2 trillion (this is equivalent to Rs. 120,000 Crores) in the year 2013. This is a direct 8 percent growth as compared to the 2012 revenue figures which stood at of Rs. 1.1 trillion. Number of mobile Mobile connections are also set to grow to 770 million in 2013 which marks a 12% growth as compared to 2012.

India Mobile Services Market 2013 - Gartner

India Mobile Services Market 2013 – Gartner

 All these might seem very bright but Indian telecom operators are already facing a couple of big challenges. First being their constant nudge to grow their profit margins in the middle of fierce competition from equally able service providers. Second being the surge of freely available messaging, calling and video calling applications like Facebook, Skype and Whatsapp which let users connect with each other at very low data rates.

Here are some key outlook points for this year’s Mobile Service providers:

  • Need for Telecom operators to start offering innovative services at affordable prices
  • Focus on rural expansion of mobile services
  • Much needed innovation in utility apps that help bring efficiencies in a consumer’s life
  • Need to look beyond social and video apps and deliver apps that can have a sustained business model

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