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Meru Cabs Launch Umbrella Service For Mumbai Rains

When you run any kind of service business, be it in any industry, you gotta think about your customers all the time. What is that one small think that your customers may like and return back to you for their next deal or business. Well, this is just something which the the very famous Meru Cab service of Mumbai, India is trying to do to help the Mumbaikars during the Mumbai Monsoons.

Meru cabs umbrella in mumbai rains

Meru cabs umbrella in mumbai rains

Meru Cabs sent out a mailer to its patrons and users which says all their cabs now have umbrellas which users could use while getting into the cabs from their homes or reaching that destination point after they get off the cab.

This service is totally free of charge and according to me it is really a useful one from Meru cabs. Umbrella is one thing people just keep forget taking when they go out. Now that Meru Cabs has one, passengers need not worry about getting wet after they get out of the Cab or when they try to get into the cab dreading the Mumbai rains!

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