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Tata Plans To Move Nano Into Bangladesh Market

Car buyers in Bangladesh can soon look forward to the availability of economically priced, small and reliable Tata Nano Cars. According to Abdul Matlub Ahmed, chairman of Nitol-Niloy Group, the company plans to import up to 2,000 cars initially, but this figure could go higher with increased demand.

Tata Nano in Bangladesh

Tata Nano in Bangladesh

The Nano is reputed globally as the world’s smallest and cheapest car. Pricing for the Nano in the country is expected to be around 500,000 taka, says Ahmed. However, prices may vary depending on the government’s decision on customs duty.

Used Japanese cars are very popular in Bangladesh, due to their reliability and high quality. But, they are often quite expensive. Indian cars were previously restricted access to the market, with the exception of certain “ambassador” taxi cabs.

Ahmed indicates that the group is keen on setting up a Nano assembly unit in the country, if there is a lot of demand for the cars.

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