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India Highly Exposed To Global Risks? – Survey

According to a recent survey, India is least resilient about the global risks and threats in the global economy. India made a very little improvement in its economic status. Maplecroft, a research conducting company analyzed the data and reached to the conclusion that, India is standing at the 19th position in exposing and least pliant country worldwide to the global risks.

BRIC Nations

BRIC Nations

On a list of 178 countries, Somalia has been named as the most exposed and least elastic country, whereas, the other BRIC nations, Brazil, Russia and China are holding the 30th, 58th and 97th positions. After Somalia, the other following least resilient countries are Congo, South Sudan, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Central African Republic, Iraq, Myanmar and Yemen.

The main reasons behind this issue are the high corruption, terrorism and political chaos in the India. The report is saying, “”Continuing poor governance is observed by the widespread nature of corruption and vices, especially in India and Russia, where the political conflicts is difficult to tackle the problem.”

The survey also says that the political insecurity between the leading political parties of India, Indian National Congress and Bhartiya Janta Party is creating the problems in the economic status of the nation.

Brazil is largely under the hindrances from the de-establishing influences of global risks, than the other BRIC counterparts, due to its strong democratic governance and regime stability.

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