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Companies Raised Rs. 5600 Crore In December Through Public Issues

During the month of December, India Inc collected Rs. 5, 600 crore through initial public offers and rights issues. Securities and Exchange Boards of India reviewed that, in the month of November, India Inc was successful in collecting Rs. 1, 601 crore money by implementing two issues.

India Inc
India Inc

In December 2011, India was successful in collecting Rs. 5, 600 crore by mobilizing through three public debt issues, and Rs. 1, 601 crore in November. The regulator also added that, the amount which was mobilized was Rs. 23, 003 crore from April to December through 51 issues, whereas Rs. 50, 580 crore was raised through issues during the period 2010-11.

Experts are saying that, the unpredictable nature of the market and the global economic threats have stayed companies from coming up with new ideas. The stock market witnessed a loss of 6.6% during this month in comparison to the month of December.

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