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“High Time To Book Profits In Indian Markets” Says Sean Darby Jeffries

In a personal interview Sean Darby, the Global Head of Equity Strategy, said that, India is among those countries where we can invest money very easily. India and Turkey has earned the balance again very rapidly and that’s the reason why that different country is willing to invest due to being the recipient of hot money flows.

Sean Darby Jefferies

 The real key of these markets is the fact that the price of crude oil needs to come down for these economies to actually start to grow without any of the inflation problems. Indian economy has also got a mandate to organize certain monetary mechanisms even without the fact that it has the mandate to do it. This is the time to buy mortgage-backed securities. If there were any other setback in USA economies there more likely to be more played out by the Fed.

Darby appreciated the Tata Motors, its sales numbers which has been strong for a long time, but the other parts of the economy, industrial productions and exports, remain weak. The EM countries are going to be tested by higher oil prices. So this is not sure at all that any kind of advancement will be observed or not.

We are focusing on Tata as our top selection. But still we have to observe the other automobile companies of India, because automobile is one of the emerging industries where investment is quite safe.

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