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No Relaxation Package For Kingfisher Airlines: Aviation Minister

Today Civil Aviation Minister, Ajit Singh said to the journalists that, “Kingfisher Airlines is not going to get the bailout package right now. Kingfisher Airlines has presented their business plan to the nationalized banks and the banks will decide whether to issue loan to the Airlines.”

The operations of the Kingfisher Airlines were disrupted today also. Today they canceled 14 flights. The Head of the civil aviation ministry and DGCA summoned the Sanjay Agarwal, who is managing all the cases from Kingfisher’s side.

Kingfisher Airlines

“This is a very alarming situation for Kingfisher to re-plan about their services to the passengers. But obviously, the aviation ministry is also looking after the passengers’ safety section, because passengers should not be suffered due to the critical economic status of the airlines,” added by Ajit Singh.

Meanwhile, the civil aviation ministry is looking after the issue of manhandling a physically disabled passenger of Spicejet.

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