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JP Morgan India Tax Advantage Fund

Tax saving funds is for those people who are willing to take risk in the market. More than this, it is also an opportunity to create wealth in one’s tax-saving portfolio. The lock-in period for 3 years encourages long-term investment, which is a pre-requisite for fruitful return on equity investments.

JPMorgan Chase

 JP Morgan India Tax Advantage Fund (JPMIAF) is a kind of open-ended tax saving fund from the stable of the JP Morgan mutual fund. The fund is made to invest 80-100% of its total assets in equity-related securities and the rest (up to 20%) in debt and money market instruments to manage its liquidity requirements.

JP Morgan CHase Mutual Funds

JP Morgan Chase Mutual Funds

According to the experts, investors would be better-off avoiding JP Morgan India Tax Advantage Fund and investing in a fund which has a proven track record and comes from the fund house following sound investment process.

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