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63,000 MW Nuclear Power in India by 2032

The country is about to focus on the limit of electricity production and to enhance it by 63, 000 MW in another 20 years, Sushil Kumar Shinde, the Union Power Minister announced it on Wednesday.

“India will increase its electricity production by 63, 000 MW by 2032 by installing indigenous technology and imported reactors as additional products,” Shinde declared this during attending a seminar in India Internation Nuclear Symposium.

Nuclear Reactors India

Nuclear Reactors India

In the symposium, Shinde also mentioned that, nuclear energy has lot of facilities, like, it is compact and highly manageable in terms of handling, transportation and storage of the fuel. Nuclear energy is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Atomic Energy, a part of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

At present there are 20 reactors which are working successfully, and other 8 reactors are under construction including a 500 MWe fast breeder reactor which will be installed soon. Total nuclear capacity of the country is about 4,800 MW.

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