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American & European Entrepreneurs Eyeing India’s Clean-Tech Sector: Here’s Why?

India’s rapidly developing clean-tech sector is attracting a lot of entrepreneurs from US, Europe and Asia-Pacific. According to the latest World Bank reports, they have a captive market of approximately 100,000 villages to be connected to the national power grid.

It has been found out that the founder and CEO of Fenix International, a San Francisco based technology startup Mike Lin has been exploring the rural areas of India to find the perfect market for his solar-power products

India's Clean-tech Sector is Hot right now

India's Clean-tech Sector is Hot right now

Another entrepreneur, Christopher Hamman, co-founder of Waste2Watts (W2W) an Atlanta based start up, also started its final pilot in the outskirts of New Delhi, last year. He said that India represents the perfect storm of progress to be made in the Energy sector.

Simpa Networks, a Bangalore based company, is tapping a start-up of about $2 billion. Company’s initial pilots are now grounded and it will be partnering with many solar companies in other states, thus expanding the company as said by Michael MacHarg, co-Founder of Simpa Networks.

It has been found out that entrepreneurs from other countries are finding it easier to indulge into Indian clean technology market when compared to Indian entrepreneurs.

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