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10 Quick & Golden Rules for Smart Investment in Stock Markets

Stock Market Golden Rules

The thirst for more and more money has always made investors run towards the stock markets. But investing in Stock market is not that easy as people think it is. A good understanding of the market, deep research along with patience and discipline are some of the important qualities that one must possess in order […]

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How To Check Aadhaar Card Status Online?

Aadhaar Card Logo

The status of your 12 digit identification number – Aadhar issued on behalf of Government of India by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIAI) can now be easily tracked online. This Aadhar number will serve as your identity proof allover India. So, for tracking your Aadhar card status: You first need to open the […]

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Financial Planning in Just 87 Words

Financial Planning Scott Adams

Financial planning is simple and is the most basic necessity in every individual’s life. Although, the entire Financial Planning thing might sound a bit complicated to you initially but, following financial expert Scott Adams’ wise 87 word advice, any one can chalk out their basic retirement and financial planning. So here it goes like this: […]

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How To Verify or Check Indian Currency Banknotes Authenticity?

1000 rupees bank note RBI

The Reserve Bank of India has now provided an online facility for the users to check the security features that one must look at to ensure whether the currency notes are fake or real. In order to identify the special security features, one just needs to press on the images of the notes of Rs. […]

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How To Check EPF Balance Online in India? (Employee Provident Fund)

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) is a Government body in India that administers a compulsory contributory Provident Fund Scheme, Pension Scheme and an Insurance Scheme. Under this, employees are protected against savings from their regular income. Each month, a sum of money is deducted from an employee’s salary by his / her company’s HR […]

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3 Things To Look For Before Buying A House Near A Religious Location

Tirupati - By far the most visited temple in India

Some would say that it is a good idea to buy a house in a religious location for appreciation will be high especially when there are a lot of devotees for the religion. Surely, you will be earning good income from rentals. This might be true in a certain point, but there are still experts […]

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Why You Must Start Your Trading Journey with Virtual Trading?

Virtual Trading

Most of us start trading with an objective of making a lot of money. There is nothing wrong with this kind of thinking. In fact the main objective of any trading is to earn money. But there are very few people who make consistent money over a period of time. Trading is not a sprint […]

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