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5 Things To Keep In Mind While Trading – Start Trading with Proper Mentality

Online Trading - Learn to keep your calm

Read this article to know 5 important things to keep in mind while trading. Trading is a damn serious business. It is not a game in which you start one day and start making money right away. It is often said that almost 90% of the people fail in trading. Not surprisingly, the reasons for […]

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Watch Best Durga Puja Mahalaya 2015 Videos Live Online

Mahalaya 2014

Mahalaya or Mohaloya is the first day of the ten day period over which the Durga Puja festival is celebrated in India. Watching Mahalaya Online has become easy owing to providers like Youtube and Metcafe and advancement of technologies that has made online streaming possible. The tenth day is called Vijayadashami or Bijoyadoshomi. Mahalaya 2015 […]

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What is the meaning of Depreciating & Appreciating Rupee Against Dollar?

Relation between the Rupee and the Dollar

A lot is being talked about the Rupee and the Dollar these days owing to the current unstable economy of India. The rate at which US Dollar is currently priced in Indian currency is increasing gradually and is showing no signs of coming down. Among all this, there are certain people between us who are […]

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How Does The Depreciating & Appreciating Rupee Affect / Impact Retail Stock Market Investors?

In layman’s terms Stock Markets are closely related to the value of US Dollar in Indian Rupees and primarily affects companies that deal in foreign trade. Although this may be a very crude as a statement for any stock market guru but it serves its purpose about explaining as to how the rupee value of […]

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How Does The Depreciating & Appreciating Rupee Affect / Impact Indian Exports?

Export Goods From India

There is an entire branch of study in various colleges that deal with foreign imports and exports and how they are connected to the strength of the Indian rupee. However, in this article we will not go into depth but I will try to give you a very simple explanation about the relation between rupee […]

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How Does The Depreciating & Appreciating Rupee Affect / Impact Imports & Fuel Prices?

Import goods to India

In our last article we told you how the Depreciating and the Appreciating rupee affects Exports. The analysis is similar for Imports to but as you might have guessed already its just the opposite. We will do this analysis of imports using a company that deals in crude oil. Thus you will be able to […]

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How to file consumer complaints online in India?

File consumer complaint online

In order to provide fast and prompt Consumer Grievance Redressal service, an online consumer complaint system has been launched by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution. With this online system, consumers can now easily file their complaints either online, or through a call or even sms. Consumer Online Resources and Empowerment (CORE) […]

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How To Check your IRT-V receipt status online

Now you can easily and very quickly check your IRT-V receipt status online in case if you have submitted your Income Tax Return with the Income Tax Department online. Users can check their IRT-V receipt status online by clicking on the below mentioned link given here – https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/e-Filing/Services/ITRVStatusLink.html You can know about your receipt status […]

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