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SBH Offers Special Term Deposit Scheme At 10.2% Interest

SBH Logo (State Bank of Hyderabad)

A lot of us know the advantage of saving your money in different investment firms like banks since the money that you will deposit would grow in a certain interest rate. It is good news that SBH will be offering special deposit term on April 4 and 5. This is one of their ways of […]

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Housing Prices Go Up Despite Higher Interest Rates

Real Estate Developers unhappy with Budget 2012

Buyer activity remains strong, despite higher rates for home loans. Latest data from the National Housing Bank (NHB) indicates that, apart from Kochi and Hyderabad which witnessed a sharp drop in the NHB Residex, the housing price index went up in most metropolitan cities. According to the NHB report, property prices during the last quarter […]

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