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Walmart Is Training 60,000 Women Workers In India

Walmart Logo

It is really good to hear that there is a program initiated by Walmart which is considered as a global retail giant. The program is intended for the 60,000 women who are working in their factories in Bangladesh, China and India. The program is called the “Women in Factories” and this will be implemented to […]

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India Among Top Ten Countries For Salary Hikes In 2012

India amongst Top Salary Hike Countries in 2012

According to a global survey done, on worldwide salary increment outlook by global recruitment platform (MyHiringClub.com) and a study portal (NriJobPortal.com), India stands on top tenth position on the list of World’s top increment givers. This survey is done on 5,326 various companies from 31 different countries; from December 15th to 31st of 2011. Here, […]

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