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Asia Motor Works to enter the Indian Luxury Bus Market

Asia Motor Works AMW Logo

Asia Motor Works (AMW) is set to launch its first luxury bus in fourth quarter. This will definitely add to the competition that is in the segment known to be dominated by overseas companies. These new luxury buses of AMW might likely to hit the road by January to March quarter according to Director Mr […]

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PSLV-C19 puts India’s first radar imaging satellite RISAT-1 into orbit

RISAT-1 Satellite

India’s first radar imaging satellite was designated into orbit today, April 26 with the aid of India’s reliable workhorse, the PSLV rocket. The name of the satellite is RISAT -1. All of India should be proud and happy for this since it just shows that development is not anymore aloof to them. The new technology […]

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Iconic Vespa Scooters To Be Commercially Launched On 26th April In India

New Vespa Scooter in India

All the kids and aged people from the 1990`s will never forget the cult scooter LML Vespa which used to be the pride of all Indian households when it came to owning a scooter. However, with moders two-wheelers gaining popularity, scooters like LML Vespa suffered in sales and gradually shut shop. However, the company Piaggio […]

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