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PSLV-C19 puts India’s first radar imaging satellite RISAT-1 into orbit

RISAT-1 Satellite

India’s first radar imaging satellite was designated into orbit today, April 26 with the aid of India’s reliable workhorse, the PSLV rocket. The name of the satellite is RISAT -1. All of India should be proud and happy for this since it just shows that development is not anymore aloof to them. The new technology […]

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RISAT-1 Satellite To Provide Clear Picture Of Kharif Crops

Scientists at work on the RISAT-1 Satellite

India is ready to launch a satellite for further developments that track objects, natural features, people movements and disasters on ground using images that are obtained throughout the year. Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) is used to see through clouds and it was developed by ISRO’s Space Applications centre, Ahmedabad. This is India’s second radar imaging […]

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