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Coke and Pepsi, Challenged by new brands like Sosyo in India

Sosyo Cola Logo

A lot of us know that the leading names when it comes to cola brands are Coke and Pepsi. These two have been in the industry for quite some time and they have already enjoyed the preference of people. Though the market is dominated by these two giant firms, there are still comes brands that […]

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Pepsi Starts Campaign To Help People Get Rid Of Obesity

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Indra Nooyi, Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, started with a health campaign in order to save their customers and not to make people suffer from obesity. For this, Pepsi have to discontinue their food and beverage products costs $ 65 billion, but she is thinking it as a long term goal for her company. Nooyi […]

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Coca-Cola May Trigger Price War with Pepsi

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Coca-Cola may have triggered a price war with its competitor Pepsi, after reducing the price for its 200 ml returnable glass bottle. This move comes just in time for the summer season, as the price of Coke glass bottles get a cut Rs 2, in select markets, bringing the price to a standard Rs 8 […]

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