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Dunlop To Re-Open West Bengal Unit; Caparo To Manufacture Matresses

Dunlop Logo

Dunlop India is now ready to re-open its Shahgunj unit in West Bengal ending a meeting with the trade union representatives. Management has assured that the absorption process will be in three phases and also informed that workers who are not absorbed during this process will be relocated to different unit or will be given […]

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Tripura Is Home To India’s Second Industrial Rubber Park

Latex Collection - First stage in Rubber Production

India’s elastic polymer industry is on its way to big achievements. India’s second industrial rubber park was established in Bodhung Nagar industrial growth centre, in western Tripura, 15 km north of Agartala. This park is a joint venture between the Tripura Industrial Development Corporation (TIDC) and the Rubber Board. It is the second one of […]

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