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Indian e-commerce Companies Generating More Jobs Daily Across Various Sectors

e-commerce in India

A lot of us today might also have observed the growing popularity of e-commerce in our place. This has become pretty much easy due to the availability of the technology. For India, the growth of e-commerce was considered as late but for now base on the global recruitment and consulting firm Randstad, hiring on e-commerce […]

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Siemens Contract with Power Grid worth Rs. 147 Cr

Siemens Logo

A company release of Siemens stated that they will be doing a contract with Power Grid Corp for a certain project that will be done in Bina Madhya Pradesh. The contract is worth Rs 147 crore where the company will be building a test laboratory. Siemens was able to bag this contract on a turnkey […]

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India Is Google’s 2nd Largest Base After US

Google Logo

Google India is definitely doing a great job in improving the company. If you will be visiting their office in India, you might think that it is quite the same as like a normal company that rents its space and does things for any large multinational. This kind of environment is way far from Google’s […]

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TCS Open Minneapolis Development Center

TCS Logo

Most of the companies that are doing good in the market and are developing becoming successful with their expansion plans. Among the companies that are quite successful today is Tata Consultancy Services where it just recently opened its Solutions Center in Minneapolis, US. This is a clear sign that the company is constantly developing and […]

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High Internet Speed “Fibre to Home” From BSNL

BSNL Fiber To Home Logo

Today, everyone needs access on the internet and the greater the speed is, the better. This might be among the reason why BSNL is set to launch ‘Fibre to Home’ with a high speed internet. The facility is aimed at people who are seeking internet, telephone and TV channels’ access.  With an internet speed of […]

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Crime tracking system in Jharkhand by Hughes and NIIT

Hughes India Logo

Crime tracking system is really very important in a certain country. In line with this, the Satellite service operator Hughes Communications India is proud to say that they have been chosen by NIIT Technologies to connect Police Stations in Jharkhand. This is for their Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System project. This project is part […]

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Tie up of Wipro Infotech and Qatar Airways For Global Airline Service Maintenance

Wipro logo

In order to provide quality airline service, Wipro Infotech, an IT business of India and Qatar Airways have decided to create a multi-million dollar agreement. The partnership of these two companies is expected to provide some improvements in the quality and efficiency of global airline service. Both companies decided to disclose the exact amount of […]

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NIIT & Microsoft Launch Cloud Computing Course; NIIT Acquires Sabre Holding’s Dev Centre in Phillipines


NIIT continues to perform its goal of providing people with the right training and knowledge about the world of Information Technology. Just recently, the company had partnered with Microsoft for a course about clouding computing. We all know that cloud computing and services had become very much popular today and it is a growing industry. […]

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