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Race for Chief Economic Advisor led by Raghuram Rajan

Raghuram Rajan - Chief Economic Advisor

The race for the post of Chief Economic advisor is being led by Former IMF economist Dr Raghuram G. Rajan. The term of the current Economic Advisor Dr Kaushik Basu will end this coming July 31. There are government sources that tell Dr. Rajan’s name is being actively considered for the position that will be […]

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Fitch Gives Negative Rating To India

FitchRatings logo

India is facing a negative outlook these days with Fitch Ratings credit for India was cut from stable to negative. About two months ago, another company, the Standard & Poor’s made a similar call to India. This rating was due to the risks that are seen in the growth of India which is caused by […]

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Indians Spend The Most On Education – Credit Suisse Report

Credit Suisse says Indians spend the most on Education!

Credit Suisse Research Institute conducted a study on the attitude of people towards personal finances over various countries and proved that Indians are liberal with spending amount on education though they have strong tendencies of saving. Institute pointed out through its study that Indian consumers are more confident with their personal finances than others residing […]

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