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Rs. 360 Crore Deodorant Unit to be set up by Unilever in Maharashtra

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Unilever, today, announced to set up its first aerosol deodorant manufacturing unit in Khamgaon, Maharashtra with an investment of 50 million pounds. The company announced the news of its investment project with the visit of British Prime Minister David to the Hindustan Lever Business in Mumbai. The company’s investment decision complements two new projects- one […]

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Male Deodrants Take Up 70% share in deodorant & perfume market in India

We all know that men are not quite into personal care products compared to women. But when it comes to one segment which is the deodorant category, men are surely exercising their choice differently. As a result, the deodorant segment of men had overtaken the female segment with a good lead. Most of the time, […]

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Unilever Opens 220,000 Sq. Ft. Technology Center in Bangalore

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We all know that one of the most effective means of making a business successful today is by embracing technology. This is among the reason why a lot of company are doing their best to utilize technology on their business and do some research on how technology could help their business more. With this, Unilever […]

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Woodland Posts Turnover of Rs. 800 Cr., 15% Growth

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Though there are some businesses today that are not doing quite well in their respective industry, there are a number of companies that are also doing great. Among the rising companies today is Woodland which is under the Apparel and footwear industry. The company is now in the process of investing Rs 100 crore on […]

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Nestle Opens Its First R&D Center in India

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To further their development and dominance in India, Nestle India opened recently its first research and development center in the said country. This will help them understand better Indian consumers and in order for them to provide technological expertise in their business. According to Nestle Chief Executive Officer Paul Bulcke, the goal of the center […]

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Hindustan Tin Posts 26% Increase In Profits, Rs. 60 Cr. in Sales (Q2) 2012-13

Hindustan Tin Works Products

  Hindustan Tin Works Ltd has posted a promising 25.9% increase in its profits from Rs. 1.08 Cr in Q2 last year to Rs. 1.21 Cr. in Q2 this year (Quarter ended 30th September). These figures are after payment of tax. The net sales also saw a marginal increase to Rs. 60 crores. The earnings […]

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Rs. 1000 Crore investment by Sulfex Mattress

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For the next five years, Sulfex Mattress is planning to invest Rs 1,000 crore in different sectors in the Kerala state. According to the Managing Director of the company M T P Muhammad Kunji, they will be doing a preliminary discussion with the state government about this plan. The company is planning to invest the […]

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Coco Cola Posts 15% growth in Q3 sales in India

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With the festive season closely approaching, Coca Cola considered as one of the major Beverage company worldwide reported a 15 per cent increase in growth in sales for the third quarter ended September 28. The company is definitely doing quite well in the market of India. This is definitely due to the strong demand of […]

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