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Consumption of cigarette in India up by 4.19% for 2011-12

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Even though it has always be flagged that smoking is dangerous to your health, the consumption of cigarettes in India is still on the rise. The number of cigarette user had increased by 4.19 per cent. This information was provided by Jyotiraditya Scindia who is the Minister of State for Commerce and Industry. Looking at […]

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IT industry grows to Rs 91,800 crore in FY’12

The IT industry had long helped a lot of countries when it comes to their development and today, the government of India had announced how this sector had help them so far. For the records, the IT sector had grown 16.7 per cent. Looking at the amount of revenue, for the last years Rs 78,600 […]

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12th Five Year Plan Adds 80,000 MW Power Generation Capacity

Energy Consumption in India

The 12th Five Year Plan had a proposal of construction of a power generator with a capacity of about 80,000 MW will take place. This was told by Sushilkumar Shinde. This plan was approved July 31, 2008 and it was called re-structured Accelerated Power Development Programme with an outlay of Rs 51,577 crore. The program […]

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India Generates 5% Of Sony’s Global Revenues; Plans For 10%

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Kazuo Hirai, the new CEO of Sony Corporation is focussing a lot on developing markets, majorly on India will be visiting the country in few days. Sony is the leading brand in India in large Televisions and digital cameras market and Sony India contributes to 5% global revenues, which is among the top ten markets […]

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Indian companies help drive innovation, education and employment in the US

Indian IT majors generating jobs in the US

For a long time, since US is the more supreme when it comes to economy, India has long been taking benefits from the said country. India had not provided any job opportunities in the US since doing it in their own promises is somehow difficult. But, this is a long time ago and today, India […]

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Car sales expected to grow by 10-12% in FY13

Auto Industry of India

Auto industry is currently in a constant growth phase and is expecting an increase of sales by about 10-12percent which is however less than 26percent growth recorded in FY11 and FY10. On the other hand, growth of commercial vehicles sales is expected to come down to 9-11percent. The driving force for push in car sales […]

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Iconic Vespa Scooters To Be Commercially Launched On 26th April In India

New Vespa Scooter in India

All the kids and aged people from the 1990`s will never forget the cult scooter LML Vespa which used to be the pride of all Indian households when it came to owning a scooter. However, with moders two-wheelers gaining popularity, scooters like LML Vespa suffered in sales and gradually shut shop. However, the company Piaggio […]

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Tablet Sales In India Touched 4.75 Lakh In 2011

Tablet computers in India

Cyber Media research has found out that Indians are getting more inclined to tablets! With lots of companies coming up with cheaper gadgets, a report suggests that there were 4.75 lakh tablet units sold in India last year. Samsung was the first company to introduce tablets into the Indian market and companies like Intex and […]

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